My identity is my unique selling point, hence using my name to represent my company. As long as people have known me I have been organising events. It is an innate ability of mine and along with my integrity, creativity and my ability to exceed expectations I have built a great reputation through word of mouth and recommendations.

Being of Laotian descent I opted for the Lao’s national flower ‘Dok Champa’ also known as the frangipani or plumeria for my logo. This evocative tropical flower, with its sweet scent can be found in many colours: red, yellow, pink and multiple pastels and most importantly represents sincerity and joy in life. This is the exact mantra that Events by Keenda swears by to ensure we create that ultra, unique and unforgettable event you have dreamed of.

The ‘Dok Champa’ blooms every day and lasts a long time just like the memories of your event will.

Keenda Sisouphanh  Creative Director ‘The Boss’

A passionate Events Planner and ambitious self starter, making my dreams come true with Events By Keenda!

I have always enjoyed organising events and felt it was a role that came naturally to me. Now it’s my career and life, I am still having so much fun with it and the possibilities are endless!

‘Do what you love and love what you do!’ is exactly why I am in this business, for the sheer love of events and the ability to visualise ideas into reality. The sense of achievement when you see your idea; a seed blossom into a flower gives me so much joy and satisfaction, especially when clients are happy or even overwhelmed with the outcome.

With a Diploma in Events Management from the Fitzwilliam Institution Group and seven years experience I have been involved in a sizeable portfolio of events. My experience spans from working with Royal Colleges and The Commonwealth Foundation organising conferences, exhibitions, courses, literary events and social events such as Faculty dinners and College balls. As Event Manager at Mango Lounge Cocktail bar, I oversaw many club nights, celebrations and held some epic themed parties. Reputable for hospitality events and fundraisers, I have now ventured into wedding planning since my internship in 2012 with Style and Elegance Wedding and Event Coordination in Canada.

Forever following the event trends, I am a big fan of Pinterest and the plethora of light bulb moments it has inspired. It is all in the finishing touches for me, from the smallest detail to the grandest gesture.

Nazelin Arif  Event Planner & ‘Catering Ninja’

Known as the Queen of the kitchen, Naz is responsible for creating our yummy bakes and cakes and assisting with the event design for dessert tables. She comes from a family of bakers and has a knack for whipping up a treat and presenting it with flare, never disappointing in taste or presentation.

She can cook everything from Turkish cuisine to making lovely sharing platters for all occasions. Our favourites are her Victoria sponge cake and delicious scones both sweet and savoury. We love a good afternoon tea by Naz!

Her must haves in the kitchen are sharp knives and some good baking tins and she’s off. Naz is the heart and the soul of the kitchen and definitely works her magic in there.

With a background in customer service, working in a central London hotel front of house and now as Team Supervisor at Sainsbury she is definitely a people’s person and a great team player. Naz guarantees to provide the best and never disappoints in providing what the clients wants, often tailoring a menu to meet their needs.

Angel Christoforou  Event Planner & ‘The Socialiser’

A fellow graduate from Fitzwilliam Institution Group where we both completed our Diploma in Event Management, Angel has seven years of events planning under her belt.

In 2004, she was given the position of one of the events organisers for the BBC’s National Lottery’s 10th Birthday Celebration which was held at the Tate Modern. This in itself was a dream come true for her and it opened up many doors to the celebrity events world.

Angel went on to work with a small independent record label where she was head events organiser and production manager to all music videos. After two years of new experiences and challenges and travelling the world, she decided to put her career on hold to have her beautiful son James.

She is a dedicated & talented events planner. With her positive energy and charm she develops solid relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers. As a well known and self proclaimed perfectionist she has a great understanding for her clients needs, their vision, goals and objectives for their events and executes them with enthusiasm, precision and excellence every time.

With Angel’s attention to detail and love of gaining the “wow” factor she turns an ordinary event into an extraordinary event every time.

Ultra  Unique  Unforgettable